Burn Permits

 Locate your
Latitude and Longitude
“The process of obtaining a Burn Permit from the AFC requires the requestor to provide  latitude and longitude location information. To determine the latitude and longitude for the location of your burn permit, use the map HERE by zooming into your area, then clicking on the location where the burn will take place, and write down the latitude and longitude. You will provide this information to AFC personnel when you call to obtain your Burn Permit.”
To Obtain a Prescribed Burn Permit
or Report a Wildfire:


To obtain a Burn Permit please contact the AFC dispatch center for your county. Certified Burn Managers can obtain a permit on-line by visiting

A Burning permit, 9-13-11 of the 1975 Code of Alabama, is required for all forestry and agricultural burns.  In general, the permit means the burner has the manpower and equipment to control the fire and agrees to stay with the fire until it is out.  Burning permits may be obtained by calling the Alabama Forestry Commission.   Even though the burner has a permit, he/she is still responsible for any damage to others that may be caused by the fire or smoke.  Alabama has a Certified Burner Law designed to reduce burner liability.

Even though the law requires a permit for all "wood & field" fires, the AFC has administratively exempted fires smaller than 1/4 acre if it is more than 25 feet from a forested area.  However, the burner is still responsible for the fire.

Upon requesting a permit, the burner will be asked about the burn.  The approximate size will be needed along with what is to be burned, i.e. grassland/fields/forests, and the general purpose of the burn such as fire hazard reduction, regeneration, wildlife benefit, etc.  The burn must not contain material such as vehicle tires, construction material, household garbage or other material prohibited by ADEM (Alabama Department of Environmental management)

There are some County and City Laws that also restrict outdoor burning.  Burners are responsible for contacting their local government for additional information.

The permit may be canceled by the AFC for failure to comply with the terms of the permit, weather condition change which cause erratic and dangerous fire behavior, or if the burn produces smoke which becomes a hazard to others or contributes to a degradation of air quality.