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Tropical Soda Apple
Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum Viarum) is an upright, thorny perennial shrub with oak-shaped leaves and clusters of tiny white flowers yielding fruit.

IDENTIFICATION: This shrub reaches 3-6 ft. in height, upright to leaning, multi-branched, hairy and covered with broad-based white to yellow thorns. Flowers appear in May-August in Alabama. Small white clusters with yellow to white stamen projecting from center. Flowers produce green to yellow spherical fruit over one inch wide, sweet smelling and attractive to livestock and wildlife. Remains green over winter in most southern locations. Resembles horsenettle (Solanum carolinense).

ECOLOGY: Occurs on open to semi-shady sites. Reaches maturity from seed within 105 days. Persists as rootcrowns or green stems in warmer areas. Spreads rapidly by livestock and wildlife-dispersed seeds as well as seed-contaminated hay, sod, and machinery.

HERBICIDE CONTROL: Apply Garlon 4 (or Remedy in pastures) or Arsenal AC as 2% solutions (8 ounces per 3-gal. mix) in water or a glyphosate herbicide as a 3% solution (12 ounces per 3-gal. mix) in water with asurfactant to thoroughly wet all leaves and stems at times of flowering before fruit appears. Mocan be used to stop fruit production. Herbicide applications should only be made 50 to 60 days mowing to allow for adequate regrowth. Collect and destroy fruit to prevent reestablishment.

WARNING: Arsenal AC can injure or kill plants with roots in the affected area. Always read and follow label directions carefully.

Source: Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests, James Miller, 2004
Photo Credit: J. Jeffrey Muillahey, University of Florida,

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