Alabama is rich in forest resources. Much of our greatness today is due to this abundant natural treasure. It is fitting that past contributions in history be recognized. It is also appropriate that we appreciate the value of our forests and trees to the people of our state. In Alabama, there are many trees which stand as living reminders of historic events and famous people. These trees deserve honor along with their historic connection to the past. As a result, future generations will begin to understand and to appreciate their own heritage and their responsibility to make contributions to our state and our country.

Since 1981, the AFC has sponsored a locate tree of historic significance. It is called the Famous and Historic Tree Program. The program's purpose is to locate, recognize, and preserve trees associated with or related to historic events, persons, and sites.

The following categories are use to determine eligibility of nominated trees:

  • Notable people
  • The development of the nation, state, county, or city
  • Eminent educators and/or educational institutions
  • Art, artists, literature and writers, law, music, science, or the cultural life of the nation, state, county, or city
  • Churches and religion
  • Early forestry and conservation

How Can You Help?

Anyone can nominate a tree for famous and historic designation. Nominations must first verify that a historic event occurred or a famous person lived. Next, the nomination must prove that a tree, located on the site, was alive at the time of, or was the result of the historical event or famous person. Nomination packet can be downloaded and contain both a nomination form and a condition class form.

The one-page nomination form can be completed by anyone, but only a person qualified or experienced with tree health can complete the condition class form (i.e., forester, arborist, horticulturist, etc.). Completed forms, plus photographs of the tree, must be returned to the same address. Once a tree is approved, its owner and nominator receive certificates. A tree marker will be provided to the tree's owner for placement during a public ceremony.

Since its inception, the Famous and Historic Tree Program has helped preserve Alabama's history. Trees and their associated historic events are located in every corner of the state. Yet more can be done. You can help by participating in and supporting this unique program. By doing so our rich blend of history and the contribution of trees will not be forgotten. Instead, they will be appreciated even more.

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