Alabama’s forest resources provide our timberland owners and citizens with significant contributions to her economy. Geographically, our timberland is located throughout the furthest corners of the state spanning vast rural regions within our borders. Our productive forests are in the heart of the southern U.S. wood basket and are more abundant now than ever in the history of recorded data.

From these forests, Alabama’s forest-based industry utilizes the state’s plentiful and renewable resources for the manufacture of hundreds of products. Subsequently, the state’s forest-based industry is nationally ranked 2nd in pulp, paper, paperboard production, 6th in lumber production, and 6th in panel production. It is recognized that every county in Alabama benefits economically by forestry and its industrial footprint.

The Alabama Forestry Commission supports timberland owners and businesses by providing a Forest Industry Directory map application to facilitate the marketing of products made in Alabama. A survey was conducted in 2019 to refresh the identification of the state’s primary and secondary wood-using industries and associated products. The database was assembled utilizing various data sources along with the coordinated efforts by the Forest Inventory Analysis, Geographical Information System, and Economic Development personnel of the Alabama Forestry Commission. The following map application will provide identification of various mills within Alabama.

Please click here for the Alabama Industry Directory.