Alabama Forest Facts

Alabama Forestr Resources
  •  The single most prevalent forest type is softwood (mostly pine) at 45% of stands, followed by 42% hardwood stands, and 13% mixed hardwood/pine stands (2017 Alabama Forest Resource Report).
  •  Alabama has the third most timberland acreage in the 48 contiguous states, behind only Georgia and Oregon.
    • The state’s timberland acreage is 94% privately owned (2017 Alabama Forest Resource Report). That places Alabama second only to Georgia for private commercial timerland acreage.
  • Alabama has 40.3 billion cubic feet of standing timber, the largest recorded inventory in the state’s history
    (FIA Data).
  •  The state is gaining timber volume at a higher rate than most all other Southeastern states showing a 30.8% increase between the periods of 2001 to 2017
    (FIA Data).
Alabama Forest Type
  •  Sawtimber size stands comprise 49% of the state’s timberland, while 28% of forest stands are comprised of mostly pulpwood-sized timber. Seedling/sampling sized stands account for the remaining 23% of timberland acreage (2017 Alabama Forest Resource Report).
  •  The state leads the nation in loblolly pine growing stock volume with 523.2 million tons (2017 Alabama Forest Resource Report).
  •  The softwood 2017 growth-to-drain ratio is +1.68 : 1 (Alabama Forestry Commission/U.S. Forest Service/FIA)
  •  The hardwood 2017 growth-to-drain ratio for is +2.11 : 1 (Alabama Forestry Commission/U.S. Forest Service/FIA).


  • Alabama’s manufacturing rankings in the U.S. are:

  • 2nd in pulp production (AIDT Forest Product Development Center),

  • 2rd in paper and paperboard production (AIDT Forest Product Development Center),

  • 6th in lumber production (AIDT Forest Product Development Center),

  • 6th in panel production (AIDT Forest Product Development Center),

  • 811 establishments located throughout the state (Alabama Department of Labor)

  •  The state’s industrial economic contributions include:

  • 41,700 direct jobs (Alabama Department of Labor),

  • $2.1 billion in wages (Alabama Department of Labor),

  •  $16.3 billion in product shipments annually (AIDT/Forest Product Development Center),

  •  $1.5 billion in exports (Alabama Department of Commerce).

  • Forest industry state-wide economic development announcements:

  •  An impressive new & expanding capital investment of approximately $5 billion and 8,800 associated direct job creations has been generated within the previous 10 years (Alabama Department of Commerce/AIDT Forest Product Development Center).

Source: Alabama Department of Commerce/KJM


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