Alabama Forest Facts

  • Alabama forests generate over $21 billion in timber production & processing revenue. (source-aces)
  • Alabama forests provide over 122- thousand jobs in timber production & processing. (source-aces)
  • There are 23 million acres of timberland in Alabama, accounting for 68% of the total land area in the state.
  • Alabama has the third most timberland acreage in the 48 contiguous states, behind only Georgia and Oregon. As far as private timberland acreage is concerned, Alabama ranks second behind Georgia.
  • Of timberland acreage, 85% is owned by non-industrial private landowners.
  • The "Loblolly Pine/Shortleaf Pine" forest type group is the predominant forest type occupying approximately 38% of the total timberland area. The "Oak/Hickory" forest type group ranks second in Alabama accounting for approximately 31.0% of the timberland acreage.
  • Approximately 30% of Alabama’s timberland is comprised of pine plantations.
Alabama Forest Type
  • The forest industry is the state’s second largest manufacturing industry, producing an estimated $12.78 billion worth of products in 2010.
  • There are approximately 650 active forest products manufacturing operations in the state.
  •  Although Alabama has a robust forest industry, more timber is being grown than is being harvested. According to 2012 FIA data the timber “growth-to-removals” ratio on privately owned lands for softwood species is 1.31. This means that for every cubic foot of softwood volume harvested, 1.31 cubic feet are grown. The growth-to-removals ratio for hardwood species is 1.51. In 2000, the growth-to-removals ratio for softwoods was 1.01 and for hardwoods it was 1.49